Celebrating a Low-Sugar Birthday Everyone Can Enjoy

Celebrating a Low-Sugar Birthday Everyone Can Enjoy

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It’s hard to believe, but another year has flown by, and it’s time to celebrate another birthday! Whether you’re planning a special celebration for your child, parent, sibling, or friend, make sure it’s a memorable day in which everyone can participate.

Notta Lotta Sugar Low-Sugar Birthday Dessert Ideas

What’s a birthday without dessert? The cake, ice cream, and other sweet treats are one of the best parts of celebrating a birthday! However, these foods can be off-limits for people following a low-sugar diet. This year, celebrate a birthday everyone can take part in with Notta Lotta Sugar cake and dessert options!

Our unique house-blended, plant-based sugar replacer delivers a healthier take on the sweets you love. With 75-85% less sugar than other National cake brands, it’ll be a birthday worth remembering!

Yellow Cake & Cupcakes

The perfect birthday cake doesn’t exis…. our moist yellow cake is the perfect balance of fluffy sweet richness. Notta Lotta Sugar yellow cake is made with 2g of sugar per serving; that’s 85% less sugar than National cake brands. Bake and decorate as desired for a tasty low-sugar treat.

Chocolate Cake & Cupcakes

A great option for low-sugar birthday cake, you can satisfy your cravings without sacrificing any of the delicious taste. Our Notta Lotta Sugar chocolate cake contains 2g of sugar. Bursting with rich chocolatey flavors, each bite melts in your mouth, and the plant-based sweetness of the chocolate is sure to be a hit with everyone, so be sure to make extra!

Birthday Cookie Cake

For those who aren’t as big birthday cake fans but prefer cookies, why not make a cookie cake? Bake as directed on the box in a cake pan and frost or decorate however you like! Add sprinkles, colored frosting, or writing on the cake for a personal touch.

Other Ways to Make Any Birthday Celebration Memorable


Make it a day to remember by hanging up streamers and balloons in the birthday person’s favorite colors.


Get everyone involved in some fun birthday games! Try  Piñata Whack-A-Mole, a Balloon Drop, or a Scavenger Hunt.

Goody Bags

Bake some of our Notta Lotta Sugar vanilla butter or lemon flavored cookies, frost, decorate, and add them to a cute goody bag for guests to take home and enjoy!

Birthday Music

Set the mood for a fun birthday party with some upbeat music! Choose music from the year they were born or create a playlist of current hits.

Picture Wall

Create a decorative picture wall to capture memories of friends and family. Have fun with it by adding a balloon arch, cool backgrounds, or props.

Baked Decorating

Get crafty with interactive cookie decorating! Bake cookies or cupcakes ahead of time and allow guests to have fun decorating their own delicious low-sugar dessert!

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