Bektrom Foods Inc. Launches New Low Sugar & Protein-Packed Mixes Line: Lotta Products

Bektrom Foods Inc. Launches New Low Sugar & Protein-Packed Mixes Line: Lotta Products

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Bektrom Foods Inc. is introducing a new line of baking and protein-packed mixes, Lotta Products. Lotta Products will have two different product lines; Notta Lotta Sugar – classic dessert mix favorites with 75-85% less sugar than National brands; and Gotta Lotta Protein – mixes that contain added protein for sustained energy throughout the day.

Lotta Products is on a mission to make healthier alternatives more accessible for families.

We believe you shouldn’t have to spend more to feed your family well. Enjoy yummy protein-rich mixes and premium low sugar baking mixes with 75-85% less sugar at an affordable price.

Notta Lotta Sugar

Under the new Lotta Products brand, Bektrom is now offering Notta Lotta Sugar yellow cake, chocolate cake, vanilla butter cookies, lemon cookies, honey cornbread, and southern-style cornbread mixes. Each mix carries 1-2g of sugar per serving with the same great taste and texture that accompany these classic treats.

Notta Lotta Sugar products use a special house blended, plant-based sugar replacer that allows 75-85% less sugar than other National Brand mixes do. This is what makes the mixes so unique and delicious while watching the calories!

All of the Notta Lotta Sugar mixes use simple ingredients, contain added fiber, fewer calories, lower sodium, no artificial flavors, and use the plant-based sugar substitute.

Gotta Lotta Protein

Lotta Products will also offer protein-rich mixes including cinnamon oat pancakes, buttermilk oat pancakes, chocolate chip oat pancakes, chocolate fudge brownies, and blueberry muffin mixes. Protein is essential for sustaining energy throughout the day, so start your day with a high-protein breakfast or mid-day treat that is quick, easy, and tasty!

The chocolate fudge brownies contain 8g of protein per serving, while the pancake and muffin mixes contain 14-15g of protein per serving. All of the Gotta Lotta Protein mixes use simple ingredients and contain no artificial flavors.

Notta Lotta Sugar Gotta Lotta Protein Products

About Bektrom Foods Inc.

Bektrom Foods Inc. is a leading manufacturer of private label dry grocery items since 2008. Bektrom manufacturers spices, skillets, chicken batters, deluxe sides, rice and noodle sides, and many other baking and cooking mixes. Bektrom Foods creates and produces over 250 SKUs at their corporate facility in Monroe, MI. All of their facilities are nut-free and GFSI safety certified.

As Bektrom adds Lotta Products’ low sugar and protein-packed mixes, they will continue to be committed to innovation and excellence to provide their customers with only the highest quality products and competitive pricing.

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