Americans Want Help Breaking Up with Addictive High Sugar Products

Americans Want Help Breaking Up with Addictive Sugary Products

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  • In a recent survey by Healthline, 3,223 Americans were asked about their sugar consumption habits and awareness about added sugar in food. Here’s what we learned.
    • People are concerned about the health impacts of sugar, but 40% are still eating too much — and feeling guilty about it.
    • Half of those surveyed said food labels are misleading, and it’s hard to know how much sugar they’re eating.
    • 65% of respondents said they know someone who they consider to be “addicted to sugar”.

    The Addictive Truth About Sugar 

    It’s not surprising Americans say they have a hard time breaking a sugar habit. 

    Refined white sugar is really addictive. Research continues to show it has the same addictive characteristics as heroin, cocaine, meth, and nicotine. Yikes! 

    In fact, the brain treats sugar in much the same way as other addictive drugs: We crave more and more to get the same euphoria. This is actually where we get the pop culture phrase “sugar junkie”.

    Refined sugar is also linked to conditions like obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. Yet, it’s found in a variety of foods, making it particularly challenging to avoid.

    Labels Can Be Misleading

    Respondents said they struggle to know exactly how much sugar they eat a day and labels can be confusing (especially about sugar).

    And, many shoppers don’t know that added sugar is often used in food items associated with “healthy eating” claims (flavored yogurt, granola, energy bars, etc.) So, even when people think they’re eating healthy – and not trying to satisfy a sweet tooth – they’re still getting too much sugar! 

    Plant-based Sugar Replacers: Less Sugar, Same Sweet Taste 

    Plant-based sugar replacers make it possible to enjoy many of the sweets you crave without feeling guilty. Notta Lotta Sugar uses a house-blended, plant-based sweetener to deliver 75-85% less sugar in our premium baking mixes (in comparison to other National brand cake mixes). Notta Lotta baking mixes offer delightful baked treats – from cookies to cornbread, cakes and brownies – with just 2 grams of sugar (or less) per serving.

    You Don’t Have to Spend More for Less Sugar

    Most people think plant-based options are more expensive. At Lotta Products, it’s always been our mission to make it affordable to eat well. Notta Lotta Sugar mixes do not cost more than most national cake brand mixes. So you get baking mixes with significantly less sugar and the same sweet taste without spending more at checkout.

    Get control of your sugar intake without giving up all the foods you love. Plant-based sugar replacers are the healthier option that can help you make real progress toward lowering your sugar intake. Shop our Notta Lotta Sugar products.

    Looking to Eat Healthier? Hey! We’ve Got A Lotta Protein Too!

    Check out our premium protein mixes, Gotta Lotta Protein. Like our low sugar baking mixes, Gotta Lotta Protein mixes are also low in sugar,  packed with protein and made with simple, real ingredients. No artificial colors, peanut and tree nut-free. These mixes are also affordable, because again, we want you to feed your family well without spending more. Shop Gotta Lotta Protein products.

Notta Lotta Sugar Gotta Lotta Protein Products

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